Vermont Portraits II: Christopher Darrow of Olallie Daylily Gardens

When I asked for sightseeing recommendations from the first Vermonter I met, the answer came back as a question: "Are you into daylilies?" 

Have you ever been asked if you are into daylilies? 

Yes, I am into daylilies. Chris Darrow, however, is really into daylilies. Three generations into them, actually. That's how long the Darrow family has been hybridizing these hardy flowers, and it turns out that there's a whole world of them beyond the Stella D'Oros that line nearly every freeway plot and corporate HQ from Cleveland to Coral Gables. 


Located in South Newfane, just down from Richard Foye's kilns and the longest covered bridge in Vermont, Chris's remarkable farm welcomes both picnickers and mail orders. If you go, follow the driving directions on this link, and make sure you breathe in at least one delicate scent when you arrive. Besides the olfactory delight, you'll end up with a yellow streak of pollen on your face -- the difficult-to-remove, Ash Wednesday-style tell-tale of someone with a nose for beauty.